SerraThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control report that seven hundred thousand people suffer a stroke each year, and the American Heart Association estimates that approximately one million people will have a heart attack during the same time period. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more deaths than the combined cancers and injuries. You may wonder why so many people suffer from cardiovascular disease. Some reasons we are in such bad shape is that our everyday diet consists of too much refined sugar and saturated fat with little fiber. Most of us do not exercise enough to make any significant difference. For individuals suffering from cardiovascular problems, traditional medicine offers surgery and prescription drugs that have serious side effects. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a number of beneficial supplements for those individuals seeking an alternative  remedy.

A more natural approach for a healthy heart is to modify your lifestyle and incorporate supplements that are proven to improve cardiovascular health. Having a balanced diet and avoiding all forms of tobacco is a good start, as well as adding daily exercise to the routine. Visit Serrapeptase webpage to learn about this natural supplement.

Serrapeptase is one option to dissolve blood clots and destroy plaque in the arteries. This fibrinolytic enzyme complex is extracted from the gut of a silkworm. Its purpose is to digest the cocoon of the silkworm to free the butterfly. It is a popular medication throughout Germany and Asia. Dr. Hans Napier , a German scientist, was responsible for significant research using this enzyme to improve the cardiac health of his patients. If you feel that incorporating Serrapeptase in your treatment plan would be beneficial, consult your health care provider for his recommendations. For more information, visit their Facebook page.